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2004 March

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03.25.04 (11:43 pm)   [edit]
it's interesting to note that gay marriage has been a very hot debate topic as of late. listening to NPR, I can sense the topic getting more and more attention day by day. I personally see no reason why there should be any reasons against gay marriages, but one person who opposed it did make an interesting point. The institution of marriage was probably designed with cultural and social expections in mind, which means child bearing and the ideal of a man and a woman in the family. However, I also disagreed with his comments leaving no room for exceptions as he said marriage was designed with the norm, not the exception in mind. This essentially tells people that if you cannot physically reproduce, you might as well not get married because it wasn't designed for you. Anyways, whether he meant that or not, it was not a very sensible comment.

However, I do think the whole idea of marriage as we know it today is already quite skewed, which actually further supports the idea of gay marriage, or any other kinds of marriage anyone can imagine. I guess a line as to be drawn somewhere, like this unity should only involve 2 people, and not more than that, etc. But whether is 2 guys, 2 girls, 2 transexuals, 2 whatever, it shouldn't matter too much.

Marriage as an institution is dying in America. I can even argue that it has been dying ever since the idea was created perhaps thousands of years ago. For the modern case, I don't see why two people need to get married and have wedding vows and all those rituals to secure the love for each other. In an ideal case, love should be secured the first time 2 people acknowledge love for each other, which should happen toward the start of the relationship. Of course, this world, perhaps more fittingly this society, is far from ideal. Since that's the case, there should be no restriction on what the definition of marriage should be.

but that is not really the point of this post. I am really just excited that I am actually witnessing the rise of a trend in society, whch I never noticed in real time before. I've heard all about women's rights, civil rights, whatever cultural issues people talk about, but never could imagine how they come about. Now I am actually witnessing a phenomenon in real time from the start to the forseeable end, which is quite exciting on its own.

But really, what I am concerned about, is that people can easily spend a lot of time pondering about these issues, even I wrote a whole bunch of bs about it. Some economist/columnist on the internet points out that this generation is losing touch with science, and too focused on cultural issues like gender rights, etc. I totally agree, how come common people cannot spend days and nights arguing about science? I really wish I could, that's for sure. I think it is important to train the next generation to focus less on social issues and focus more on what really makes the difference in a world.

then again, any differences that is made in this world can only be detected by humans, and without enough human interactions through social and cultural phenomenons, I guess no one can detect any differences at all. People still mostly judge how successful and smart a person is by their ability to influence others. In a way, scientists also need to influence others through normal communication...

that is quite unfortunate I think...

nothing to say, everything to forget
03.18.04 (10:54 pm)   [edit]
Whatever I thought I wanted to write down the other day, I have forgotten it all. All I know is that there is no need to have unnecessary competition, because while the energy may preserved eventually, it is certainly not circulating in the most efficient manner.

In other words, egoistical thoughts and over confidence is not needed to succeed in business; I truly believe efficiency is still the most important quality

03.18.04 (10:41 pm)   [edit]
I am realizing everyday how smart so many people are. Every where I go, I can find smart people, whether in a top ranked school, 2nd tier school, small school, at work, on tv, everywhere! it's really amazing, and scary at the same time, because i feel more and more mediocre among the crowd. this might not be a bad thing though, because it definitely pushes me to stay on track and always be aware...

03.18.04 (10:40 pm)   [edit]
when people die, the loved ones mourn, but then, they move on. they can still have fun afterwards, they can still laugh and smile... but what about the dead? are they basically forgotten, most of the time?

When people we don't know die, we hardly mourn, and then we forget... we laugh and have fun afterwards...

millions of people die each day, I can imagine if we were to mourn for every one of them, to be fair, we can get nothing done...

I guess it is just that unfair then.

03.18.04 (10:40 pm)   [edit]
for some reason, I felt especially uneasy today when I heard about the bombing in Spain... I don't think I even felt like that when I heard about 911... there is something about trains that just seem too common...

i suddenly felt a sense of urgency...

heard people talk about einstein on npr today... everytime i heard stories about geniuses, prodigies, etc... i always wonder whether a mediocre person with passion can ever make it big in academics... or is academia so hard to penetrate you really need to be one of a kind... after all, there are many more people in the industry than academia, be it for the money or whatever, but the sense of reward in a successful academic career I think far outweighs any amount of money. I truly believe without some kind of passion for it you cannot succeed...

of course, money is always needed as a tool, without it, the research can never be utilized properly...

i just hope there is room for me

a bug in my head
03.18.04 (10:40 pm)   [edit]
I think I will like the "real" world, the industry, the working world, whatever you call it, it will be a break from the academic world... 3am, and I am slowly falling asleep in front of my monitor, trying to finish up something to show my prof during our meeting the next morning.

I always wished that I can make successful scholarly pursuits... and I still want to... I just hope it is not a matter of capability, but of ambition

well... as I drift away, I'd like to remind myself that I am still trying to improve my time management skills

yes, really?
03.18.04 (10:39 pm)   [edit]
I finally caught up with the rest of the world's craze in the weblog... just like how I caught up with using the internet about 8 years ago. While it is not so original to be a follower, when you run out of ideas, you better just follow the crowd